STAS zipper pro security

STAS zipper pro security

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The zipper pro picture hook is easily adjustable. With one move of your hand, you will hang wall decorations at the desired height. STAS zipper pro is equipped with an extra theft-delaying bracket. As a result, paintings and other artworks cannot be taken off the wall in one move. Moreover, the bracket protects decorations from falling caused by knocks or tremors. Ideal for use in public or busy spaces such as restaurants.

The dimensions of the STAS zipper pro security are: 23.9mm  high x 29.9mm wide x 15mm depth.

Depth of the hook part is 5mm & height of hook part is 5mm

Warning: product price is for a zipper only. Cords sold separately, use with perlon cord or steel cable, picture rail and mounting materials.

STAS zipper pro on white coated steel cable - carries loads up to 10kg
STAS zipper pro on perlon cord - carries loads up to 15kg
STAS zipper pro on regular steel cable - carries loads up to 20kg

STAS. Transform your room.

You'd be surprised how much influence the items hanging on walls and from the ceiling have on the feeling of comfort of a room. Wall decorations, advertisements, wayfinding signs… all of these affect people’s behaviour. At STAS, we provide flexible picture hanging systems and accessories that are aimed to improve rooms. And we believe that these solutions should serve the purpose of the room itself.

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