Collection: Picture hanging systems

Hang a painting without drilling

Hanging a painting has never been easier than with a rail hanging system from STAS picture hanging systems! STAS offers a complete range of rail hanging systems with which you can hang and move your paintings, photo frames, art, mirrors, wall hangings, signs and many other types of wall decoration flexibly, easily and quickly. Whether it concerns hanging a painting on a concrete wall, plasterboard or brick wall: the patented STAS rail systems can be mounted on any type of wall or ceiling.

Picture hanging systems from STAS

View all our hanging systems for wall mounting here or compare all our hanging systems on the comparison page! We also have complete sets with the rail and two sets of hooks and cords in one.

STAS hanging systems – A picture hanging system for every situation!

Because you attach the system to the wall once, you never have to take out your drill again when you want to hang something on your wall. Placing and replacing frames, a clock, mirror or other wall decoration is effortlessly easy with STAS! Below you will find a selection from our wide range.