Collection: STAS self adhesive dibond hangers

For hanging alu, dibond, mirrors, art and photos. The hanger must be stuck on a surface that has first been made grease-free.

The STAS dibond hanger is suitable for sticking to the back of flat panels such as mirrors and art/photos on acrylic, glass, dibond or aluminium*.

An attachment on wood or MDF is possible by mounting screws in the screw holes provided on the STAS dibond hanger. In this way, the tape fastening of a stuck-on STAS dibond hanger on flat panels can also be strengthened.

*Rough, porous or fibrous surfaces (wood/MDF/plasterboard/plaster blocks) and Polypropylene/Polyethylene (PP/PE) plastics (e.g. Plexiglas) are not suitable for mounting the STAS dibond hanger.