Collection: Hooks and cords

The different combination of hooks and cords that you can choose from are loadable up to 4 kg, 15 kg and 20 kg. The perlon cord is virtually invisible. The steel cable is suitable for hanging heavier works of art. You can use several hooks on 1 cord, as long as the maximum weight capacity of the relevant cord in combination with the hook used is respected.

STAS smartspring on perlon cord - loadable up to 4 kg
STAS zipper on perlon cord - loadable up to 15 kg
STAS zipper on steel cable - loadable up to 20 kg

The combinations of hooks and cords mentioned above do not apply to all systems in this shop. For STAS wooden rail you need other hooks and cords.

STAS' tip: Use 1 hook with cord for hanging a small frame and two or more for hanging large picture frames.

Extra STAS' tip: With 2 cords you can hang frames perfectly straight under each other without the risk of tilting or hanging wall decoration. /p>