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STAS windsor wooden rail

STAS windsor wooden rail

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Our wooden rails are made out of Ayous wood and are FSC and PEFC certified. Ayous wood differs from other, cheaper wood since it does not deform nor splinter, and is perfectly suitable to repaint because of its smooth texture. Perfect wood for your picture hanging system! Can be mounted with screws, nails and glue*.
Experience the pleasant warmth of wood in your interior!

* The bearing capacity of a glued rails is highly dependent on the surface, so care must be taken here. More information on how to best glue our wooden rails can be found at the bottom of this page.

Features STAS windsor: 
Dimensions: 18 x 45 mm
Length: +/- 120cm (47.2 inch) or 240 cm (94.5 inch)
Material: Ayous wood
Installation: wall mountable, not adjoining to ceiling
Weight capacity: 20 kg/m
Warranty: 5 years

STAS wooden railSTAS windsor has its own collection of hooks, which can be combined with the existing hooks and cords from STAS:

STAS windsor:
HW10200 white
HW30200 alu
HW60200 gold

Compatible hooks and cords for the STAS windsor rail can be found here.

The following hooks and cords can be used in combination with this system:
STAS smartspring on STAS perlon cord with loop (can be loaded up to max. 4 kg)
STAS zipper on STAS perlon cord with loop (can be loaded up to max. 15 kg)
STAS zipper on STAS steel cable with loop (can be loaded up to max. 20 kg)


Installation manual | Productinfo


5-Step Plan for glueing the STAS windsor

Step 1: Assess the surface

When glueing the STAS wooden rails it’s very important that the surface is well fixed and firm. This goes especially for wall paper. The wall paper must have been applied tightly and evenly to allow the STAS wooden rails to adhere as well as possible.

Step 2: Pick the right glue.

We recommend a glue that is especially designed to offer a very good adhesion on wooden surfaces. We advise you to go see your local DIY store for further recommendations.

Step 3: Pretreatment

Make sure that the surface and the STAS wooden rails are clean, dry, dust- and grease free before you start glueing.

Step 4: Glueing

The glue can best be applied in strokes (so don’t cover the whole rails in glue). Once the glue is applied you can place the STAS wooden rails on its surface (make sure it’s level!). The STAS wooden rails can at this point still be adjusted. When the rails are in the right place you can exert pressure so that the STAS wooden rails is well attached to the surface. Then allow the glue to dry for 24 hours.

Step 5: Hang your wall decoration

Hang your favorite wall decoration using the STAS hooks and cords and admire the result! J

STAS. Transform your room.

You'd be surprised how much influence the items hanging on walls and from the ceiling have on the feeling of comfort of a room. Wall decorations, advertisements, wayfinding signs… all of these affect people’s behaviour. At STAS, we provide flexible picture hanging systems and accessories that are aimed to improve rooms. And we believe that these solutions should serve the purpose of the room itself.

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