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STAS picture clip set

STAS picture clip set

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With the help of this STAS picture clip hanging set you can attach a hanging system to your frame yourself. The advantage of this set is that your frame hangs neatly straight and does not lean over, frames are adjustable in height and can be hung level next to each other or underneath each other.

For wooden frames: You screw the two picture clips into the frame approximately 1/3 of the way up on both sides of your frame with the supplied screws. Do not screw too tight, the picture clips must be able to hinge. Squeeze the picture clip and insert the perlon cord on both sides. Leave the cord long enough to hang the frame properly, you can roll up the rest behind the frame or cut it off. The frame is now height adjustable. you can then hang it with the wire on the STAS hanging hook of your choice.

For aluminum frames: Remove the thin wooden back wall from the aluminum frame. Drill 2 holes of 4mm in the back wall approximately 1/3 of the top of the frame. Insert the rivet through the drill hole and attach the picture clip, place the snap rivet on the rivet. Hit the snap rivet with a hammer and the picture clip is stuck. Make sure you have a hard, flat surface when hammering. Do not tighten the picture clip too much, it must be able to hinge. Squeeze the picture clip and thread the perlon cord, the painting is now adjustable in height.

Multiple frames below each other: Determine the center of the long perlon cord. Insert the cord through the picture clips of the top frame. Hang the top frame and make sure that the cord does not extend above the frame, the 2 long ends protrude below the frame. Place the top frame on the table and the rest in the desired order and insert the cords through the picture clips (can be ordered separately) that are mounted on the frames below. Now hang the connected frames on the wall.

2 pieces picture clips
1 perlon cord 100cm
2 screws
2 don't make sense
2 hollow nit

STAS. Transform your room.

You'd be surprised how much influence the items hanging on walls and from the ceiling have on the feeling of comfort of a room. Wall decorations, advertisements, wayfinding signs… all of these affect people’s behaviour. At STAS, we provide flexible picture hanging systems and accessories that are aimed to improve rooms. And we believe that these solutions should serve the purpose of the room itself.

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